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"Existential Crisis"

A collection of paintings exploring existence, and contrasting yet related themes such as separation and revelation, order and chaos, and other personal and shared dilemma of the internal and external realities/experience. Particularly the questions, challenges, and subsequent discoveries in this period of my life.

Relevant Reasonings 

          In this sector of my life, I have come to acknowledge ruminating themes of insecurity, vulnerability, identity, self reflection, anxiety, displacement in space and time, vanity, loneliness, depression, displacement of emotions, rebellion and acceptance etc. The list goes on like the side-effects of a new drug, but the mere juxtaposition among the themes listed is indicative of inner conflict, and subsequently, the grand encompassing theme of the human condition.. the nature of being… the lifelong dilemma of appropriately orienting oneself in reality and society.


          The ubiquitous multidimensionality of “existence” is by most, simultaneously overlooked and suppressed, due to the unified nature of the perceived wholeness of reality. Synchronicity between space and time produces our unified experience. When there is disruption and displacement in our patterns of perception and our assumptions about life, we become spectators of this underlying structure, and thus spectators of ourselves. This hyper awareness of one's self may either reduce or enhance the perceived coherence of our experience of life. 


          There is an ironic “distance”/ "distantness", among my generation, and I feel this is in direct relation to the late-capitalist society we live in, where the commodification of everything including ourselves, has made an impression on our perceived self worth. There is even more irony in the idea that we take part in this self commodification through a variety of social media platforms- A form of media intended to proliferate human connection and interaction, yet simultaneously having adverse effects of distancing. 

          Separation and Revelation- two ideas that conflict, yet coexist in harmony, as one often leads to the other. This appropriately expresses my thoughts on current society. Particularly, the impersonal, spectatorial nature of things, and how it influences the way we perceive the world, ourselves, and others. I believe that our awareness of the structure of society  gives us an opportunity to take advantage- To disrupt the integrity of these layers, and analyze and modify our behaviors.  We can see this opportunity being realized in the contradiction that is social media. We are in a conflicted state as many of us are being damaged by the separating and distancing effects of modern society and the digital age, yet informed and healed by its revelations.