Shane Smith (b. Jan 12, 1999 in Kingston, Jamaica) is a New York based painter and sculptor. ​The majority of his works are personal, figurative representations of nature, animals and people. 


         Art is a way to translate into reality, the thoughts and feelings within myself which are imperceptible by others, through communicable artifacts, whether tangible or conceptual. I use mostly acrylic paint on canvas, paper, and found material, usually wood. My art practice is an investigation/exploration of self and the world around me. I explore through painting and sculpture, ideas that revolve around the human condition. This includes concepts such as birth, growth, emotion, aspiration, conflict, mortality, sexuality etc. Therefore my work is often personal & introspective. 

          My interests revolve around nature, geometry, perspective, philosophy, psychology, the subconscious, metaphysics, symbolism, spiritualism, existentialism and other similar themes. These interests form diverse intersections in my work. I employ different modes of thinking about painting. More generally, I paint in a symbolist manner, dealing with feelings and ideas obscured in the symbolism of my subject matter. 

      When depicting real life experiences, I employ techniques of realism, welcoming opportunities for “accidents” & moments of chance. This adds a surreal contrast to the realistic nature of the painting, and subtly informs me of my innermost feelings. Other times I paint in a more directly intuitive and spontaneous way of making marks and applying color, in order to conjure images and messages from my subconscious. Both modes are an exploration of the practice of painting and my perception of reality… The nature of light, shape, color, and space. 

          I am interested in the power of art as a visual and visceral stimulus and its ability to reflect nature’s beauty, simplicity, and complexity, all while eliciting potent emotional and intellectual responses. I make art about the things I’ve encountered in my life that have left a significant impression on me, whether it be emotionally, intellectually or aesthetically.  By disturbing boundaries and exploring dimensions, I aim to show that one thing, is in truth, many things.

Artist Shane Smith

Self portrait, ink on paper, 11" x 14"