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         Shane Smith (b. Jan 12, 1999 in Kingston, Jamaica) is a New York based painter and sculptor. ​The majority of his works are figurative representations of nature, animals and people. 


            My art practice is an investigation/ exploration of self, and experiences that have emotionally, intellectually, & aesthetically left an impression on me. 
     Primarily, I use mixed media not limited to acrylic paint & oil paint, on canvas, wood, & found material. Many of my paintings concern feelings and ideas represented by symbolic subject matter. 
     Other times I depict scenes from my immediate surroundings. Surveying my environment for compositions has become one of my favorite aspects of picture making. It has enriched not only my practice, but also my experience of life, with an amplified gratitude for the experience of looking.   
      In my sculptures I investigate fleeting, ephemeral, or spiritual attributes such as gesture, mannerism, and temperament. From this understanding, I deconstruct a given form to restate it implicitly- preserving only essential & inherent qualities/characteristics that render the form identifiable by association.  
      I am interested in art's ability to contradict what is apparently objective, and it's potential to elicit potent emotional and intellectual responses in doing so. 

Artist Shane Smith

Self portrait, ink on paper, 11" x 14"

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