Grunge Wall


         Shane Smith is a self-taught painter and sculptor, born in St. Andrews, Jamaica (January 12th, 1999), then moving to Brooklyn, New York with his Family in 2009. ​The majority of his work are figurative depictions of nature, animals and people. After a year and a half studying Fashion design at SUNY Buffalo State, he decided to focus on painting and sculpture full time.


         "Art, for me, has been a way to translate into reality, thoughts and feelings within myself, imperceptible by others, through communicable artifacts, whether tangible or conceptual. Recent themes in my work are personal experiences, introspection, memory etc. My interests revolve around, philosophy, metaphysics, natural science, geometry, mythology, mysticism, spiritualism, existentialism among other things. These interests form diverse intersections in my work. Some recurring motifs in my work are unconventional surfaces, heavy contrast, distortion, geometry, and my use of perspective. My primary artistic goal is to exceed the limits of physical perspective and perception, as to depict the essence or nature of a thing. To depict an understanding of the subject, rather than its physical appearance alone. To synthesize and contrast the inner and outer realities of the artist and spectator; disturbing boundaries and exploring dimensions. I aim to show that, one thing, is in truth, many things.