Shane Smith (b. Jan 12, 1999 in Kingston, Jamaica) is a New York based painter and sculptor. ​The majority of his works are personal, figurative representations of nature, animals and people. 


          My art practice is an investigation/ exploration of self, and experiences that have emotionally, intellectually, & aesthetically left an impression on me. I explore through art, ideas that revolve around the human condition. This includes concepts such as birth, growth, conflict, mortality, sexuality etc. Therefore my work is often personal & introspective. My interests span various themes from nature & geometry, to metaphysics & spiritualism, forming diverse intersections in my work. 

          I use mostly acrylic paint on canvas and found material. Generally, I paint in a symbolist manner, concerning feelings and ideas represented by the subject matter. Sometimes my depictions are more objectively realistic than not. Other times I paint in a more directly intuitive and spontaneous way, in efforts to conjure ideas from the subconscious. 

          I am interested in art's ability to contradict what is apparently objective, and it's potential to elicit potent emotional and intellectual responses in doing so.

Artist Shane Smith

Self portrait, ink on paper, 11" x 14"