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Meditations On Manhood And Masculinity.j


  Featured in latest exhibition, 

          These paintings are allegorical references to several personal themes I observed & explored in my life between the fall of 2020, and spring of 2021. I made these paintings using directly intuitional and spontaneous techniques of making marks. This created vague imagery which I then interpreted through memory and psyche. This way of developing subject matter, is akin to a child finding creatures in the clouds.

          Followed by this was a period of research that further informed the development of the colors and forms in the composition, and how they related to my experience of life in that moment. The imagery of animals imply symbolic allusions to psychical and emotional states, and abstract themes such as passion, aggression, hope, and lust. I sought to paint in a way that was honest and true to my visceral understanding- To record images the way they exist in the mind, fragmented and inconsistent; an amalgam of abstractions of feelings, images, memories, and ideas.

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