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"Existential Crisis"

          These paintings acknowledge the materiality of the human body, and its existential position in reality and society.  The body is the basis of experience. The body determines, and reflects our experience of life. These paintings depict the tension of a personal existential crisis which peaked during the pandemic.


          This began with strong feelings of unease, characterized by anxiety. Hyper self-consciousness and stunted self-esteem allowed me to observe factors of my physical existence more objectively than ever. My life was superimposed with ideas about myself and the world around me that did not correspond with my personal truth. The onset of the pandemic was for me an opportunity for deep and uninterrupted self examination, and recovery of dampened spiritual understanding.


          Investigating the essential and elemental truths of my existence through painting, allowed me to strip myself bare of the past; of influence and illusion; of this notion of identity which confines us. These paintings took several months and were quite meditative in their execution. Their general compositions came to me as visions in both moments of inner turmoil, and inner stillness. I selectively incorporated true to life references to inform their development. The exactitude of the lines and proportions and nuanced color throughout, spawned from an anxiety induced attentiveness and a self consciously deliberate will of intention.